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She is following her childhood dream of caring and working with horses. She is the costumed woman in the spotlight on a spellbinding horse performing incredible movements and dazzling audiences with their connection. The show music starts, and their act begins, ending in loud applause and whistles that comes from those knowing how many thousands of hours that go into the training of these difficult feats.

Carole Fletcher has the best of both worlds: years of teaching people--she has a MA degree in Education-- and years of training horses. It's that unique background that enables her to share her knowledge of horse training in a clear, easy-to-understand., concise, step-by-step sequence that horse lovers can apply to their own horses. There are horse trainers that can work with horses, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they can teach people about horses.

Studying horse behavior became a challenge for Carole. She learned she had a gift for reading horses. After clearing a 50 acre NH farm with a team of Belgians, and breeding and competing with Quarter horses and Paints, Carole plunged into the world of performing horses. With her philosophy rooted in patience, trust and deep-seated respect for horses, she performed over 5000 shows, always ensuring that the horses enjoyed their training and performing. Moving to a farm in Ocala, FL, "horse capital of the world" in 1997, Carole decided to share her knowledge by writing two training books--the first of their kind-- and producing a DVD series on Trick Horse Training and Liberty Training. They have sold successfully, to most countries on every continent in the world. Three of her horses became model horses, cherished by model horse collectors worldwide. In 2005, Simon and Shuster (Atria books) published Carole's incredible memoir, "Healed By Horses," chronicling her comeback after a horrific accident.

Carole's genuine sense of caring is what resonates with people who see her train and perform. Her goal is to help educate horses and horse owners worldwide, spreading her passion for horses to those that love them.


Carole's horses are also the perfect models for magazines, advertising commercials, fashion shoots, publicity stunts, TV and photo sessions.


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